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CSOs The IATI CSO Working Group is a place for collaboration and discussion amongst representatives of CSOs who are publishing data to the IATI standard, or intend to in the future. The group also works with the IATI Secretariat to suggest improvements and additions to guidance and documentation to support CSOs publishing IATI data. APIs INTRODUCTIONThis working group is a continuation of the previous work at IATI Standard If you have questions about the IATI Standard itself such as change requests for future versions, ideas for expansion or comments about upcoming changes then please use the existing IATI Standard Knowledgebase for this to ensure the right people will be viewing and available to help you. Traceability This category is created to continue the conversation started by UNFPA and The Netherlands about traceability around multiple models, including multilateral core funding. Agriculture The IATI Agriculture Working Group is a sub-group of the IATI Technical Advisory Group (TAG). The goal of the working group is to make the IATI Standard more relevant and useful for agricultural investment decision-making. Sectors Include any posts here that relate to the Sectors element of the IATI Standard Codelists Results Include any posts here that relate to the Results element of the IATI Standard. This category also includes posts discussed during standards day at the TAG 2017 and specific proposals for the results element to be put forward in the 2.03 standard upgrade process. Data Quality This category is for you to share stories and experiences on how you have managed to improve IATI data quality within your organisation, or to ask questions of others. Using IATI Data This area is for collaboration on, and presentation of IATI in action. Whether this be code snippets of how you've used an element or tag, examples of how you have fed data through the chain or a group discussion on the best practices for storage of your XML files. Humanitarian INTRODUCTIONThe IATI Humanitarian Working Group is a sub-group under the IATI Technical Committee for discussion and collaborative action around the management of humanitarian related information published using the  IATI standard. The Humanitarian Working Group seeks to develop common solutions on questions related to data management, collection, and sharing for the broader international development and humanitarian IATI data user communities.
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