Standard Management

Third-Party Codelists Consultation and proposals surrounding all codelists which are defined outside of the IATI standard. Modifications, Additions, Improvements Inbox for suggestions - post will be moved into appropriate upgrade forums as they are made. For instance, if a proposal would constitute a non-backwardly compatible change to the IATI standard, it would most likely be moved into the nearest Integer upgrade forum. 2.03 Decimal Upgrade Discussions This is a grouping of all previous discussions relating to possible 2.03 proposals - these are now locked to be used as a reference, as the upgrade process has been begun - you can find details of the <a href="">timeline here</a>, and all the proposals for 2.03 in the category <a href="">2.03 Decimal Upgrade Proposals</a> which are now open for comments. Issues for Members Assembly This category includes issues that will require approval at the next meeting of the Members Assembly. Non-embedded Codelist Amendments Proposals and consultations for additions to all non-embedded codelists within the IATI standard. The distinction between embedded and non-embedded codelists can be found <a href="">here</a>. 2.03 Decimal Upgrade Proposals <strong>The process to upgrade the IATI Standard to version 2.03 is under way</strong> - you can find details of <a href="">how to participate here</a> and the timeline for this process <a href="">here</a>. 3.01 Integer Upgrade Proposals Proposals and consultations pertaining to the 3rd major integer version of the IATI standard.
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