Standard Management

Modifications, Additions, Improvements Inbox for suggestions - post will be moved into appropriate upgrade forums as they are made. For instance, if a proposal would constitute a non-backwardly compatible change to the IATI standard, it would most likely be moved into the nearest Integer upgrade forum. Non-embedded Codelist Amendments Proposals and consultations for additions to all non-embedded codelists within the IATI standard. The distinction between embedded and non-embedded codelists can be found <a href="">here</a>. Third-Party Codelists Consultation and proposals surrounding all codelists which are defined outside of the IATI standard. Issues for Members Assembly This category includes issues that will require approval at the next meeting of the Members Assembly. 2.03 Decimal Upgrade Discussions This is a grouping of all previous discussions relating to possible 2.03 proposals - these are now locked to be used as a reference, as the upgrade process has been begun - you can find details of the <a href="">timeline here</a>, and all the proposals for 2.03 in the category <a href="">2.03 Decimal Upgrade Proposals</a> which are now open for comments. 3.0.0 Major Upgrade Proposals Proposals and consultations pertaining to the 3rd major integer version of the IATI standard. 2.03 Decimal Upgrade Proposals <strong>The process to upgrade the IATI Standard to version 2.03 is under way</strong> - you can find details of <a href="">how to participate here</a> and the timeline for this process <a href="">here</a>.
About the Standard Management category [Standard Management] (1)
[Added] January 2019 DAC codelist updates [Non-embedded Codelist Amendments] (2)
[Added] New Organisation Identifier: XI-IATI-EFRD [Non-embedded Codelist Amendments] (3)
[Added] New Organisation Identifier: XI-IATI-ATTIC [Non-embedded Codelist Amendments] (2)
[Added] New Organisation Identifier: XI-IATI-SGJ [Non-embedded Codelist Amendments] (2)
Sector Code List - Addition (proposal) [Non-embedded Codelist Amendments] (3)
Transaction Type Codelist - Update [Modifications, Additions, Improvements] (7)
[On-hold] Links to Regional Lists [Non-embedded Codelist Amendments] (6)
Indicator/result reference code [Modifications, Additions, Improvements] (1)
[Added] New Organisation Identifier: XI-IATI-UDC [Non-embedded Codelist Amendments] (4)
[Added] New Organization Identified: XI-IATI-LPI [Non-embedded Codelist Amendments] (3)
Joining the IATI-files (IATI 2.04) [Modifications, Additions, Improvements] (2)
[Rejected] January 2018 DAC codelist updates [Non-embedded Codelist Amendments] (11)
[Added] New Organisation Identifier: XI-IATI-BEH [Non-embedded Codelist Amendments] (7)
[Added] New Organisation Identifier: XI-IATI-ACATBA [Non-embedded Codelist Amendments] (2)
Final Proposal of 2.03 Content [2.03 Decimal Upgrade Proposals] (13)
[Implemented as bug fix] ActivityStatus codes - mixup of descriptions for codes 3 & 4? ( 2 3 4 ) [3.0.0 Major Upgrade Proposals] (69)
Bug fix: @budget-not-provided contains a rule [Modifications, Additions, Improvements] (1)
AGROVOC vocabulary link update [Non-embedded Codelist Amendments] (1)
(Added) Update Currency Codelist to show VES - Bolivar Soberano [Non-embedded Codelist Amendments] (1)
Final Technical Proposal for the 2.03 Upgrade ( 2 ) [2.03 Decimal Upgrade Proposals] (25)
[On Hold] Add SDG goals and targets to the TagVocabulary codelist ( 2 ) [Non-embedded Codelist Amendments] (23)
[Added] Add NAICS To Sector Vocabulary Codelist [Non-embedded Codelist Amendments] (14)
Should the value-date attribute be required? [3.0.0 Major Upgrade Proposals] (3)
TAG session on reviewing the need for a next minor or major IATI standard upgrade [Modifications, Additions, Improvements] (14)
Introduce a New Transaction Type For Internally Sourced Funds [3.0.0 Major Upgrade Proposals] (5)
Update Country codelist to use ISO 3166 lower case short names [Non-embedded Codelist Amendments] (5)
Revision of IATI Standard Upgrade Procedures ( 2 ) [Issues for Members Assembly] (21)
[Added] Request for new org ID: XI-IATI-OCHASDC [Non-embedded Codelist Amendments] (14)
[Added] New Organisation Identifier: XI-IATI-AGR [Non-embedded Codelist Amendments] (2)