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This is a grouping of all previous discussions relating to possible 2.03 proposals - these are now locked to be used as a reference, as the upgrade process has been begun - you can find details of the timeline here, and …

Tech Paper: Hierarchies ( 2 ) (24)
Add Narrative element to related-activity (5)
Add CRS++ Non-flow data (1)
Amend Name of Transaction Type 'Interest Repayment' (1)
Additions to Document category codelist (1)
Target and actual value attribute type (1)
Changes needed to activity scope codelist? (1)
Specification of User-Defined Vocabularies (2)
Tech Paper: Codelist Management (17)
Standards Day Proposal: Accommodating non-statistical, secondary sectors (3)
Providing sector/country codes at activity and transaction level - enable both? (4)
Does Commitment need to be renamed to "Outgoing Commitment"? (16)
Add Attribute To Hold Name of Application That Created XML File (2)
Clarification: multiple RO Sector Vocabularies (5)
Improvements relating to both activity and organisation standards (2)
Tech Paper: Improvements to the Activity Standard (17)
Tech Paper: Traceability (8)
Under the Bonnet: Standard Tuning Issues (3)
Tech Paper: Improvements to the Organisation Standard (10)
Currency conversion (11)
Tech Paper: Core funding and funding from own sources (5)
IATI Org standard for UN System Reporting (2)
Tech Paper: Double Counting (2)
Total Cost of the Award - New Field Suggestion (17)
Vocab codelists - make "non-embedded"? (8)