Standard Management

[Added] Request for new org ID: XI-IATI-OCHASDC [Non-embedded Codelist Amendments] (14)
[Added] New Organisation Identifier: XI-IATI-AGR [Non-embedded Codelist Amendments] (2)
[Added] Updates to the ISO Currency Codelist [Non-embedded Codelist Amendments] (2)
[Added] Updated URL for the Humanitarian Plan Codelist [Non-embedded Codelist Amendments] (2)
Budgets - status, sector & budget-line [Modifications, Additions, Improvements] (4)
[Added] New Organisaton Identifier XI-IATI-MIF [Non-embedded Codelist Amendments] (8)
[Added] Update OrganisationRegistrationAgency codelist from [Non-embedded Codelist Amendments] (3)
[Added] Mark IATI (`1`) as withdrawn in BudgetIdentifierVocabulary codelist [Non-embedded Codelist Amendments] (2)
Guidance on implementing aid and budget alignment ( 2 ) [Modifications, Additions, Improvements] (33)
Proposal: update of budget element description text (in activity standard) [Modifications, Additions, Improvements] (19)
[Added] Proposal to add two codes on Earmarking to the AidType Vocabulary codelist [Non-embedded Codelist Amendments] (4)
Deprecation of Version 1 of the Standard [Standard Management] (1)
[Added] Create new Organisation Identifier XI-IATI-FIABEL [Non-embedded Codelist Amendments] (9)
Process for adding `XI-IATI` codes [Non-embedded Codelist Amendments] (1)
Mapping Budget Identifiers and DAC Sectors [Modifications, Additions, Improvements] (5)
[Added] December 2017 DAC codelist updates [Non-embedded Codelist Amendments] (12)
Where does the PolicyMarker codelist come from? [Non-embedded Codelist Amendments] (3)
Correct Sector Vocabulary Codelist [Non-embedded Codelist Amendments] (4)
[Added] New URL for Humanitarian Scope Vocabulary (UN OCHA Humanitarian Plans) [Non-embedded Codelist Amendments] (3)
[Added]Proposed addition to the Indicator Vocabulary Codelist [Non-embedded Codelist Amendments] (9)
Why does 2.02 include a code list that was not supported since 1.04? [Non-embedded Codelist Amendments] (17)
Missing Aid Type Vocabulary? [2.03 Decimal Upgrade Proposals] (3)
Tech Paper: Deprecation of old versions of the standard [Issues for Members Assembly] (12)
Version 2.03 Available for Inspection and Testing [2.03 Decimal Upgrade Proposals] (19)
Multi-Country/Regional Composition for Activities [2.03 Decimal Upgrade Proposals] (1)
[Added] Create Org. Identifier XI-IATI-DGF [Non-embedded Codelist Amendments] (4)
Outgoing Commitment - conflicting description & use? ( 2 ) [2.03 Decimal Upgrade Proposals] (25)
Clarifying the relationship between Original Budget And Revised Budget in IATI activities [Modifications, Additions, Improvements] (7)
Making the @generated-datetime element mandatory [3.0.0 Major Upgrade Proposals] (1)
[Added] for org-id: a new list GE-NAPR [Non-embedded Codelist Amendments] (2)