2017 highlights for Annual Report

TAG community, are there any particular highlights that you’d like me to include in the 2017 Annual Report?

(What follows is necessarily non-comprehensive and biased towards the things I’m personally aware/involved in, but all the same…)

From hearing stories and remarks from others, If seems like 2017 was an unprecedented year for community collaboration. There were not one but two Open Ag developer workshops in London that brought together developers, users and publishers; there were miniTAGs on geocoding, traceability, IATI infrastructure, machine learning (blog forthcoming), and IATI tools and codelists in general, etc.; there were data use workshops and round tables facilitated by PWYF/IATI Secretariat/InterAction; and probably a dozen other things I’m forgetting at the moment…

Data use seems like another headline. Several examples of using IATI data by Oxfam and Development Gateway (in two parts); data use task force established; upgrades to data use tools like D-portal (can’t find the blog I was thinking of by Tech Team that lists more upgrades) and publishing tools like AidStream that will make downstream data cleaner/better connected, etc.

We also saw some exciting commitments from publishers, many of which were nurtured/supported by the TAG community: FAO’s first publication, IFAD’s President making strong commitments to IATI and open data in general at the MA, DFID’s revamped transparency strategy, etc.

Whew, it’s been a year.


Thanks Reid, that’s really helpful