About the APIs Working Group

(Steven Flower) #1

This working group is a continuation of the previous work at http://wiki.iatistandard.org/wg/api/start

At the TAG meeting in Montreal, one of the sessions discussed the overall architecture of tools that have been built on IATI data. The tools (OIPA, DevTracker, d-Portal, Sida etc) all appear to have a similar overall architecture:

  • Web presentation front-end
  • API layer
  • Data repository (SQL or noSQL database) including import from IATI Registry.

This working group exists to further develop an IATI API Standard or Convention that can be used by implementers. Having a common API standard will properly decouple the presentation and data layers
enabling implementers to concentrate on building the best presentation or data layer they an.

Seek agreement on whether an API Convention is a desirable thing.

A shared IATI API convention

Work on APIs including:

  • IATI API Convention (current google doc)
  • Customisable queries for the API
  • Linked Data representation of IATI data (SPARQL)

Updated API Convention document including:

  • Activity API
  • Organisation API
  • Aggregate API

Schemas describing XML/JSON responses
Comparison table of current APIs to the updated convention document
Standards on how to construct APIs for different purposes.
Reference implementations for the API
Description of upgrade process/change control process for APIs

The API Working Group will operate until the members of the group decide that there is no longer a requirement for the group to exist (Maybe this could timebound to some deliverables)

The group should be open to anyone TAG member to participate and contribute.

The primary means of communication for the working group will be a mailing list (or Discourse).Skype? Do we want to set some regular meeting dates/frequencies?

The group is accountable to the wider IATI TAG and will report back to the IATI TAG through the IATI TAG Newsletter and at the annual IATI TAG Meeting.

Ben Webb (@bjwebb): IATI Technical Team
Steven Flower (@stevieflow): IATI Technical Team

Please indicate your interest below, by 30 June 2014

@siemvaessen is in
@jonesiom interested in automated private aid flow uploads from offshore “open banking” accounts to IATI metadata directory; attended TAG conference in Montreal (January 2014)

(Adrian Collier) #2

@Adrian is in too :smile:

(Ben Webb) #3

Since this is passed, do we want a new way for people to join as a member? People can just reply to this post as @Adrian has done, but that might make looking through the membership list more difficult. Would it be a good idea to have a table of members (maybe as a new post), which could also be a wiki post, so anyone could add themselves? Having a table would also allow us to add columns for what a member’s background/interests are (eg. do they work on one of the APIs).

(danmihaila) #4

I am in too. I will try to focus on this topic and am open to a skype chat if needed as well.