About the Using IATI Data category

This area is for collaboration on, and presentation of IATI in action. Whether this be code snippets of how you’ve used an element or tag, examples of how you have fed data through the chain or a group discussion on the best practices for storage of your XML files.

We’re hoping that this can fill up with interesting and useful thoughts and examples from the community that will be extremely valuable to both new and existing publishers.

Some posts in this category will be marked as “Wiki Posts”, this means that you can edit the original posts in addition to being able to comment, so feel free to improve these yourself!

Would this be the category to post threads of the “How do I use IATI data to answer question x” type, or is it only about publishing issues?

At the last TAG, and again last week at the SC meeting, we all thought it would be useful to document which data elements should be used to answer specific questions. Examples include how to determine if an activity is on or off budget, what is the total budget of an activity, how to connect activities across publishers. We could have a thread for each question so they are easy to find. Anyone could post a question and the community would try to provide an answer.