Accessing IATI data with humanitarian flag

Hello all,

first post here, so please be forgiving as this is all new and exciting.

I’m currently trying to explore the humanitarian data (as in, data with a humanitarian attribute) on IATI. However, it seems to be tricky to download this data, in either XML or preferably CSV format. Would anybody have advice on how to best get hold of, say, all IATI data with a humanitarian flag in either of those formats?

Now this might have already been addressed in similar topics. I could not find anything specific to this query but am more than happy to read up existing discussions if pointed in the right direction.

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Hi @Nik,

Ideally the IATI Datastore would allow you to filter on this and export a CSV. However, it hasn’t been updated to support anything new in v2.02 or v2.03, so you can’t filter by the @humanitarian flag.

It doesn’t appear to be documented, but it looks like OIPA does support this. E.g.:

@siemvaessen can you confirm / expand on this?