Add indicator measure "other" to the codelist (excluded 2.03)

(Rolf Kleef) #1

Add indicator measure “other” to the codelist


Schema Object

Type of Change
Add a code to the codelist

Some indicators can be expressed as numerical values but are not units or percentages. Most notable example: scales. At the moment, these can only be added by misrepresenting them as either units or percentages.

Since there are different types of scales and perhaps other types of quantitative indicators as well, adding a generic category “other” allows to stop misrepresenting the type of measure.

Standards Day
Not in the list


Results – represent more than quantitative data (included 2.03)
(IATI Technical Team) #2

This topic has been included for consideration in the formal 2.03 proposal

(IATI Technical Team) #4

Following more recent discussion on a related upgrade proposal Results- represent more than quantitative data, we would welcome the views of the results community as to whether there is still a need to add indicator measure “other” or it is no longer required and should be excluded from the 2.03 upgrade.

(Herman van Loon) #5

I would say it not necessary anymore to have the ‘other’ measure-type anymore.

(IATI Technical Team) closed #6