Add name to administrative levels

(Sebastian Dimunzio) #1

It could be really useful to have a name element within administrative node in order to report the name of each level.

<administrative code="370230" vocabulary="G1" level="2">

(David Megginson) #2

That would align well with HXL. We allow the code via the +code attribute (e.g. #adm1 +code) and the name via the _+name+ attribute (e.g. #adm1 +name), optionally in multiple languages (#adm1+name+i_ar, #adm1+name+i_fr, etc). It would be good to be able to represent all of that in IATI when we start mapping back and forth.


(Amy Silcock) #3

Thanks for posting @Sebastian_Dimunzio. Your suggestion will be considered by the community during the ‘next’ IATI Standard upgrade process.

In the mean time, if you or other members of the community have use cases for this proposal then please do post them here.