Add vocabularies to aid-type (included 2.03)


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@bill_anderson @Herman I agree - I had read the orginal proposal as adding an additional optional external codelist to sit alongside the existing OECD/DAC codelist and to provide additional information in specific contexts. That seems a sensible use for a vocabulary.

Using IATI To Monitor the Grand Bargain Commitment on Earmarking
Version 2.03 Decimal Upgrade - Index of Proposals
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Following the call to seek consensus on the humanitarian proposals that took place on 5th September 2017 this proposal has now been accepted for inclusion as part of v2.03

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Sorry - I have been disconnected …

This is a problem that must be fixed by DAC, as I argued in London. And for that purpose I have provided a first draft, and submitted it for initial discussions in WP-STAT asap. I will mail you a copy, and if you can advise me on how to share it with any reader of this thread I would be happy to do that as well.

Missing Aid Type Vocabulary?
(Herman van Loon) #25

Would be nice if the OECD/DAC Aid Typology would cover the Grand bargain requirements. The 2.03 addition of a new Aid Typology could than be depreciated in 3.01.

Sharing of this document can be done with Google Docs.

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Thank you @OJ_ and if you are able to post your proposals somewhere online you can then link to them in a post?

Also, in my most recent communications with the DAC they indicated that they that had asked the DAC members to position themselves on the better way to track cash-based operations. There was a general opposition to introduce another marker, so two choices were proposed :

  • A cash flag : The project has (value 1) or has not (value 0) a cash component. (because capturing all the subtleties of different cash modalities would require a more elaborated marker, for which there is no appetite)
  • A keyword : project with a cash component would use the world “cash” in the project description, which allows us to make a research by keyword.

For unrelated reasons the overall proposal was not accepted during the last WP-STAT? As a result, my understanding is that the proposal, will now follow a written procedure : the revised proposal will be sent out and DAC members will have 3 weeks to send objections. If there is no objections, the proposal will be accepted and the new codes, new cash flag/keyword will be operational for the 2018 data set, available end 2019?

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This proposal has been been included in the 2.03 upgrade. It can be viewed in the following two Discuss posts:

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