[Added] Add IATI Organisation Identifier for Netherlands Space Office

There is a request from the community to add the following entry to the IATI Organisation Identifier codelist.


Name: Netherlands Space Office

Description: The Netherlands Space Office (NSO) is the
governmental space agency of the Netherlands. Its primary task is to
develop and execute the national space policy. NSO is the main point of
contact for national and international space affairs.

URL: http://www.spaceoffice.nl/

Officially it is part of RVO (Netherlands Enterprise Agency): https://iatiregistry.org/publisher/rvo and NL-KVK-27378529

See also http://standaarden.overheid.nl/owms/terms/nso

I can’t find a separate registration in the Chamber of Commerce (www.kvk.nl) but I think using the XI-IATI- namespace to register government agencies is not the right way to go…

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Hi Rolf,

Thanks for your feedback on this. I initially raised this with my contact at the NSO, who told me that the organisation actually isn’t part of RVO, but only share the office building. It’s an independent agency, paid by several governmental departments and so doesn’t have its own KvK number because it makes use of the financial system of the different departments.

I hope this is clear, and I can put you in touch with my contact there if you think that would be helpful.


Hi Rory!

According to the information of the government, they are a part of RVO, owned by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science… (metadata referring to article 1 of their inception)

Maybe they should get a KvK number (like RVO), or maybe they should get an id from the government.

Or maybe IATI should make it possible to use a URI like http://standaarden.overheid.nl/owms/terms/nso as organisation identifier (@TimDavies: something for the org id project?) But let’s not start an IATI-owned registry by handing out XI-IATI-NSO… delegate!

I’d be happy to talk to them if that is helpful, and pitch our services to check their data quality as well :slight_smile:


XI-IATI was created as a registration agency of last resort. It has been started already for that purpose.[quote=“rolfkleef, post:4, topic:593”]
Maybe they should get a KvK number (like RVO), or maybe they should get an id from the government.

Maybe they should, but it is not for IATI to tell them they should.

Sounds like your input on Netherlands government Ids could be very useful for identify-org.net

Dear Rolf and Bill,

I am Geert van Seggelen, working at the Netherlands Space Office, and the person who spoke with Rory about this issue.

I was assuming the application for an IATI identifier for NSO would not result in many problems, but appearently it does. I understand your concern about handing out identifiers to all kinds of different organisations and losing some structure in this proces.

However, in our case, I think we are kind of an exceptional case. In contrast to what you are saying, we are definitely NOT a part of RVO. As you state youself in this link: https://zoek.officielebekendmakingen.nl/stcrt-2008-217-p2-SC88269.html, RVO is not mentioned at all.
We just use the facilities of the building RVO is situated in. Nothing more, nothing less. But next to this, we would really like to use an unique and visable identifier as NSO as we execute the program, not RVO or some other governmental department.

But maybe it is better to explain the issue by Phone. You can reach me on this number: 0627855214.
I hope we can solve this issue for the best of both parties.

Kind regards,
Geert van Seggelen

This codelist modification has been accepted, and will be integrated into the IATI codebase in the next week.

Thank you very much Rory.


The code has now been added to the IATI Organisation Identifier codebase: http://iatistandard.org/202/codelists/IATIOrganisationIdentifier/