[Added] Amendment of description for aid type code "A01-General budget support"

The following amendment to the current description of Aid Type code “A01- General Budget Support” listed on the IATI website (http://iatistandard.org/202/codelists/AidType/) has been requested.

The change will be implemented due to inconsistency with the current DAC CRS description being used for A01- General Budget support. The description text will be changed as identified below:

Code: A01
Name: General budget support
Description: Unearmarked contributions to the government budget including funding to support the implementation of macroeconomic reforms (structural adjustment programmes, poverty reduction strategies).

Budget support is a method of financing a recipient country’s budget through a transfer of resources from an external financing agency to the recipient government’s national treasury. The funds thus transferred are managed in accordance with the recipient’s budgetary procedures. Funds transferred to the national treasury for financing programmes or projects managed according to different budgetary procedures from those of the recipient country, with the intention of earmarking the resources for specific uses, are therefore excluded.

Yes please, no reason i.m.o. to have a different definition than the OECD DAC for this code list.

This change to the codelist is now live: http://iatistandard.org/202/codelists/AidType/

In light of this, I have updated the title of this post to [Added].