[Added] New Organisation Identifier: XI-IATI-AGR

(IATI Technical Team) #1

AgResults is a multi-donor initiative. As such, it is not registered as an organisation. The following request was reviewed by org-id.guide for the most appropriate identifier and it was concluded that an XI-IATI identifier is to be considered as the option of last resort.

Name: AgResults
Description: AgResults is a $122 million collaborative initiative between the governments of Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to incentivize the private sector to overcome market barriers and develop solutions to food security and agricultural challenges that disproportionately affect people living in poverty. The initiative designs and implements agriculture-focused prize competitions, also referred to as pay-for-results or pull mechanisms, which are innovative development finance programs that engage the private sector to work towards a defined goal to receive a monetary award.
URL: www.agresults.org

If no objection is received this XI-IATI code will be approved and added in a week.

(Amy Silcock) #2