[Added] New Organisation Identifier: XI-IATI-BEH

The following addition to the IATI Organisation identifier list has been proposed for the Benedictine Eye Hospital, Tororo. The request was reviewed by org-id.guide, for the most appropriate identifier and it was concluded that no alternative organisation identifier is currently available.

Name: Benedictine Eye Hospital, Tororo
Description: Benedictine Eye Hospital (BEH) is a Private Not-For-Profit specialised hospital established by the Benedictine Fathers of Uganda for providing Eye Care and Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) services to Persons with Disabilities (PWDs), with special emphasis on children. The hospital is registered by the Ministry of Health and serves the people of Eastern Uganda but is increasingly receiving clients from the rest of the country and neighbouring countries.
URL: www.benedictineeyehospital.org (please note that the URL is not currently active as the website is being worked on).

If no objection is received this XI-IATI code will be approved and added by 3rd January 2019*.

*Given the holiday season, we have extended the date to 3rd January 2019 (as opposed to the usual timeline of one week).

This is a not-for-profit, so presumably it is registered as such in Uganda. It is not clear from the github post that this possibility was looked into. Can someone confirm?

As a PNFP I don’t know whether they are required to report to the NGO Board as a charity - I think not, but I am talking to someone from the MoH tomorrow so will ask.

They are on the national health facility master list (e.g. see here and ctrl-F search for ‘benedictine’ which gives two (pretty unique looking) codes but I only have that version from scribd.

I know that as they receive government funds so they will have a Ugandan MoH facility number (probably a pdf somewhere e.g. here), and an IFMIS (Ugandan government accounting system ID) number, and probably a TIN (Tax Identification) number (suspect not public). I guess they also have an ID in the Health Management Information System but that is also probably not public.

A brief update - if the Eye Hospital is incorporated as a trust, they would also have to register with URSB - following this up and will let you know if I find anything.

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@ YohannaLoucheur Yes, the possibility was explored. Despite prompting, no other types of registration were offered for consideration.

@matmaxgeds: I found nothing on URSB.

The ID for the Benedictine Eye Hospital which is used on the list of grants in that latter document is an IFMS supplier ID. This is an internal ID from the Ministry of Finance’s ‘Integrated Financial Management System’: https://www.finance.go.ug/mofped/integrated-financial-management-system.

As such it’s not an openly published ID and its status (whether it is unique, persistent etc.) is undocumented publicly.

Of course this might change in the future, making it a good candidate for inclusion in Org-ID.

If you do find out that any MoH organisational identifier lists are publicly accessible and the identifiers are persistent, unique etc. do propose it be added to Org-ID (docs.org-id.guide/en/latest/contribute/).

Thanks all for the suggestions.

Hi Kadiea,

Thanks for the followup.

One thought is that as far as I know, the Benedictine Eye Hospital is just one of the health facilities run by UCMB (Uganda Catholic Medical Bureau - under the Ugandan Episcopalian Church) - this may be why it is hard to find them in any of these databases. Given that UCMB are funded by DFID, USAID (PEPFAR), and CORDAID among others, perhaps we can look what happens in those cases?

I was also a bit confused by some of the other Uganda based publishers - e.g. i was trying to figure out what list is used here: https://www.iatiregistry.org/dataset/sacu-org?

I think my main worry is that the IATI list is going to end up many thousands of entries long - in which case, can I suggest that we start adding some sort of categories e.g. XI-IATI-UG and then all organisations use their tax number, or try to have some sort of standard to make it easier to transition organisations off it at some point, and figure out what the codes mean?


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Thank you Matt for sharing your suggestions. And thank you Kadie for the updates on the org-id.guide team’s research into this.

Matt – as for your suggestion to add some categorisation into the XI-IATI list, this sounds like a good idea, but will require some further discussion with the IATI tech team as to how we can put that into practice and update the guidance for XI-IATI identifiers.

We propose to continue with adding the identifier XI-IATI-BEH for this organisation. With a view to discuss a system of categorisation that could apply to organisations in future.