[Added] New URL for Humanitarian Scope Vocabulary (UN OCHA Humanitarian Plans)

(Petya Kangalova) #1

UN OCHA @ximboden provided us with an updated link for one of the Humanitarian Scope Vocabulary codelists.

The URL for Code 2-1 (Humanitarian Plans) will be updated
FROM: http://ftsarchive.unocha.org/docs/IATICodelist_HS2-1.csv

TO: https://api.hpc.tools/v2/public/plan?format=xml

The new link provides the full list of all plans with the codes in it.
Github request has been submitted and changes will be implemented within a week.

(Petya Kangalova) #2

The URL link for Humanitarian Plans has now been updated.

(Petya Kangalova) #3