[Added] Proposed addition to the Organisation Registration Agency Codelist (Lebanon)

The following addition to the Organisation Registration Agency codelist has been proposed upon request of new publishers. Following successful approval from the IATI technical team it will be added to the codelist within a week.

Code: LB-MOI
Name: Ministry of Interior
Description: The Ministry of Interior is the main registration body in Lebanon. All NGOs are required to register with the Ministry of Interior.
URL: www.interior.gov.lb
Public database: No

However, many of the registered organisations are listed here: http://daleel-madani.org/webdirectory-ngos

@TimDavies Please let me know if you have any comments on the proposed addition to the registration agency codelist.

It would be good to confirm the format that these identifiers take, and how they should be expressed.

From the examples I can find (e.g. 1, 2 and 3) registration is based on a number and a year.

For example, an organisation is given 'Registration number 168 in 2009. It appears the convention for writing this is 168/2009

It would be good to confirm this with the people requesting that this identifier type is created.

The list of registered organisations only helps in so far as it links to their websites which might contain their registration numbers.

An agreed format would be good. Please note that there are a range of formats in the organisations’ registration numbers (e.g.http://daleel-madani.org/profile/aaraya-environment-association, http://daleel-madani.org/profile/abousleiman-co, http://daleel-madani.org/profile/achrafieh-social-association).

The Daleel Madani site gives you both a link to the organisation’s website and an organisation profile, which in some cases includes their registration number.

The IATI tech team have reviewed and approved this addition to the Registration Agency codelist.

The changes required by this proposal have now been made in the Non-Embedded Codelists Repository.

The values will appear on the website when it is next generated.

As such, I have marked this topic as [Added].