[Added-] Proposed Addition to the Organisation Registration Agency Codelist (Mali)

The following addition to the Organisation Registration Agency codelist has been proposed upon request of a new publisher. Following successful approval from the IATI technical team it will be added to the codelist within a week.

Code: ML-NIF
Name: Numero d’Identification Fiscale
Description: Malian organisations use Numero-d-Identification-Fiscale (NIF) to identify taxpayers and facilitate the administration of the Malian tax affairs.
URL: http://demarchesadministratives.gouv.ml/demarches/afficher/Numero-d-Identification-Fiscale-NIF
Public database: False

The IATI tech team have reviewed and approved this addition to the Registration Agency codelist.

The changes required by this proposal have now been made in the Non-Embedded Codelists Repository.

The values will appear on the website when it is next generated.

As such, I have marked this topic as [Added].