[Added] Proposed addition to the Organisation Registration Agency Codelist (Philippines)

The following addition to the Organisation Registration Agency codelist has been proposed upon request of a new publisher. Following successful approval from the IATI technical team it will be added to the codelist within a week.


Securities and Exchange Commission Philippines

The Securities and Exchange Commission in the Philippines provides licenses so that corporations, partnerships or associations can transact business in the Philippines.


Public database:

I’ve not managed to locate an example of an identifier issued by ‘Securities and Exchange Commission Philippines’. Have you any example IDs?

From what I can find, the search service only allows you to find register names, not numbers.

Open Corporates look at the Philippine Business Registry as their potential source of company registration, but note that this does not appear to issue a company registration number. Both the PBR and SEC search services are searches on names, not numbers.

This source suggests there may have been a project to create a Philippine Business Number, but I can’t find any other mentions of this, and other documentation on business registration in the Philippines suggests that a certificate of business name is issued, but not a number.

If the research above is correct, this gives us a few options:

(1) Rule out PH-SEC as an identifier, as there is no clear value to suffix onto it;

(2) Propose a replacement pattern for converting registered names into identifiers

If may be that the certificates issued to companies do include a number - but we would need to provide people with clear guidance on how to get hold of this.

Following discussions with @TimDavies, the IATI tech team has reviewed and approved this addition to the Registration Agency codelist.

The changes required by this proposal have now been made in the Non-Embedded Codelists Repository.

The values will appear on the website when it is next generated.

As such, I have marked this topic as [Added].