[Added] Update OrganisationRegistrationAgency codelist from org-id.guide

(Andy Lulham) #1

I’ve sent the following pull request: https://github.com/IATI/IATI-Codelists-NonEmbedded/pull/247

This replicates the latest version of org-id.guide data in the OrganisationRegistrationAgency codelist.

It’s unclear if this is a thing that needs to be done. If not, I guess the OrganisationRegistrationAgency codelist should be deprecated or removed or something.

/cc @BobHarper1 & @IATI-techteam.

(Andy Lulham) #2

This was approved back in April, but the discuss post was never marked as added / closed. I’ve marked it as “[Added]” myself.

(Steven Flower) #3

Thanks @andylolz

Do we know if in Discourse (the software under IATI Discuss) there is a way to flag/categorise/closed threads ? That would seem useful, if we can agree a standard …