[Added] Updates to the ISO Currency Codelist

We are updating the IATI Currency Codelist to bring it in line with changes to the ISO 4217 Currency codelist: http://www.iso.org/iso/home/standards/currency_codes.htm

Notable changes are:

BYR - Belarussian Ruble code is now: BYN
MRO - Ouguiya code is now: MRU
STD - Dobra code is now: STN
ZMK - Zambian Kwacha is now: ZMW

As these are breaking changes we are marking the old codes as ‘withdrawn’ and seperately adding in the new codes.

See the relevant pull request here

This wording is potentially misleading and could cause confusion. These changes would be breaking if the codes were removed. By instead keeping the old codes but marking them as withdrawn, the replicated codelist remains backwards compatible.