[Added] Updates to various DAC CRS non-embedded codelists

I’ve sent a pull request to bring various non-embedded codelists up-to-date with those published by the OECD DAC.

There are too many changes to detail here, but the update includes:

I’ve broken down the updates into bitesized commits with descriptive commit messages, so diffs are probably easiest viewed per commit.

da20164 is a bit unusual, because some existing FinanceType codelist-items change category.

E.g. 210 ‘Interest subsidy’ goes from FinanceType-category 200 to 100. ‘Capital subscription on deposit basis’ (310) and ‘Capital subscription on encashment basis’ (311) both go from FinanceType-category 300 to 100.

The IATI tech team have reviewed and approved this pull request. We expect changes to be implemented this week.

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The changes required by this proposal have now been made in the Non-Embedded Codelists Repository.

The values will appear on the website when it is next generated.

As such, I have marked this topic as [Added].

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