Adding A Humanitarian 'Marker' To The IATI Standard

At a Humanitarian Stakeholder’s Workshop held in 2013 it was generally agreed that it would be useful for some sort of marker to be added to the IATI Standard in order that humanitarian data can be easily identified. However, to take this suggestion further we need to explore where that marker might best be added to the IATI standard and what other humanitarian related information might be useful to include?

All suggestions are welcome. Could such a marker just been an amendment to an existing element or codelist or should we consider the introduction of a new Humanitarian extension perhaps formalising the FTS extension?

A good starting point is using the OECD sector code for “Humanitarian Aid”.  As IATI already allows for DAC sectors, this could be one way in which publishers can be instructed to tag their activities or transactions as humanitarian?

The FTS extensions are quite specific at present to FTS only, so I would not suggest formalising it as it stands, but adapted accordingly for IATI. One of the key pieces of information that FTS is looking for is if a donor contribution is to a project within the co-ordinated and planned response process, currently called “Strategic Response Plans”, previously also known as the “CAP”.

Perhaps an addition of a new node in the activity or transaction to indicate if its purpose is part of a wider organised multi-party response for humanitarian purposes, something like “Humanitarian-Plan”? The attributes of this could then be from a list of some registered types like the OCHA co-ordinated process “SRP”, or any others that are in use. Then we could also have things like “PlanTitle”, “PlanYear”, “ProjectCode” for additional details within this node. However, this may be a separate discussion altogether.

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Just to X-reference that new humanitarian reporting guidelines have now been posted for review by the wider IATI community at Help develop IATI’s humanitarian reporting guidance

All comments are very welcome.