AidHedge links service to IATI data (beta version)

(Yohanna Loucheur) #1

As far as I know, this is a fairly unique example using IATI data.

AidHedge helps organizations manage foreign exchange risks. Read the post to see how they use IATI data - and see some feedback on data quality issues (with promises of more feedback to come!) There’s also a simple interface to test the system for any project.

I hope AidHedge people will join us on Discuss to share more feedback and bring some of the problems they’ve encountered, like data in 1.0* vesions.

(Númi Östlund) #2

Thanks for the post Yohanna!

We are really excited by this first (beta) integration of IATI into our (beta) service. Hopefully, the blog post (linked by Yohanna) provides some intro to what it’s all about.

We are also planning two more posts, one on the technical parts and one with some reflections on data quality/versions (But it will likely take a little while since the entire team is travelling the coming two weeks). So any comments or thoughts from you all would be great to have, writing those.

And we are also interested in finding more examples of IATI-implementations focusing on analyses of the financial data!

(John Adams) #3

I tried to join but my email confirmation link is causing an unexpected 500 error. Is there a way to reset?

(Númi Östlund) #5

Hi John,

That’s weird, thanks for the heads up. We will look into it asap (a bit
later today, as we are all traveling this week).

Edit: now the problem should be fixed!


(Yohanna Loucheur) #6

@Numi_Ostlund, two more people have indicated (on Twitter) that they’re having problems signing up - last one only a couple of hours ago (Friday noonish EST).

I don’t know when you posted the edit saying that the problem should be fixed, so thought I would flag.

(Númi Östlund) #7

Thanks for the flag! All login problems should be resolved.

My tech-wiz Ivo tried to report that all was up and running, but had to wait 24h before posting on the forum for some reason. We have had a lot of interest!! Great feedback from all around (on things big and small).

(Númi Östlund) #8

Just to let you know we posted some thoughts and impressions after our first introduction to practical work with IATI-data (on our blog):

Perhaps most interesting as a practical case in the ongoing traceability discssion.

Some have asked for some more technical comments on how we did (connections, data management/cleaning/wrangling etc). We will try to post something about that as well - in a little while.

Also, we have gotten a number of great comments, all from small bugs and fixes to comments on a lot of other things. Really great! We will be working on with our service - adding A LOT of functionality. Will also explore how we can improve the IATI-integration, following the discussions here fore sure!