Are the OrganisationRole codes what we need?

Flagging this as a discussion leading up to the TAG 2016

We have four OrganisationRole codes in IATI. I believe this have been constant since the first version:

  • Funding
  • Accountable
  • Extending
  • Implementing

Questions we might want to discuss

  • Are these four “working”? There was a discussion around removal / definition of the Accountable code at the TAG in 2014 here and here
  • Does the community present any use-cases for new additional OrganisationRoles? In passing, I’ve heard ideas for “Partner” and “Lead Implementor” - but these are just examples.

It would be useful to understand if others have any feedback or requirements around this list - particularly as it can be a crucial part of the standard to help describe complex arrangements in development co-operation

Thanks @stevieflow and I am just going to move this to the Standard Management -> Modification Additions & Improvements categories so that it can be cross ref’d to a TAG paper