Background for document category codes?

I’m looking at the Document Category codes , which are split between categories for activity and organisational level documents - eg:


All these categories are missing a Description field – which might be useful to help publishers determine exactly which category to choose

My question is whether there is any background material in terms of where these codes were derived from. I don’t think these codes are CRS related, for example - and they seem to have been in place since the start of IATI time…

Paging @OJ_ @bill_anderson @Herman @theo.sande @YohannaLoucheur @JohnAdams

Additionally - has anyone in the community written extra guidance around document categories…? @SJohns @ariag @rolfkleef @amys ?

(elsewhere, there were some posts about the relevance and use of these codes to CSOs: here & here)

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Not quite since the start of time. It looks like this list was gradually added to, according to demand. See for example here and here and here.

In any case, it appears to be bespoke. So when descriptions were added to the standard at v2.0x, I guess it would have been tricky to retrospectively add descriptions (since there was no external reference).

Sorry for the vague answer, but this is all before my time.