Best contact for tiny devtracker bug?

(Matt Geddes) #1

Hi - I wondered if someone here knew the best contact for a DFID devtracker bug?

Now that devtracker shows FCO projects (great) unfortunately it seems to include non-active FCO projects in the default/initial view for a country - which is problematic as the default view has ‘active projects only’ set. They go away if you unset and then reset it to active projects.

(Andy Lulham) #2

I think this is a data issue, not a devtracker issue.

Here’s the activity in question on d-portal:

It ended in 2016, but its activity status is “Implementation”.

I guess @r_clements or @rbesseling would know better than me, though.

(Matt Geddes) #3

thanks @andylolz - agreed, it is a data quality issue - presumably there is a rule (guidance) somewhere about not having an ‘actual end’ activity date (which these projects do) when the project is marked as in ‘implementation’ - maybe that is the tweak that would help devtracker too - although it is wierd that un-setting and re-setting the filter also solved it.

(r_clements) #4

Hello, Sorry I missed this. @andylolz is correct to say that we use activity status to determine whether or not we show the activity within our default search results on DevTracker.

You can also search for projects that have gone into completion/post-completion using the available filters.

(Matt Geddes) #5

Thanks @r_clements - yes, the sidebar filters work well, just not the default search - I was demo-ing it to some users in Somalia and having completed projects show up on a page which explicitly says that it shows ‘active projects only’ was a difficult one to diagnose and explain on the spot - maybe worth tweaking the default search to match the sidebar search until the FCO fix their data…if you have an FCO IATI contact I would be happy to file an issue with them if you like? Or I can just email the contact given here: