Best contact for tiny devtracker bug?

(Matt Geddes) #1

Hi - I wondered if someone here knew the best contact for a DFID devtracker bug?

Now that devtracker shows FCO projects (great) unfortunately it seems to include non-active FCO projects in the default/initial view for a country - which is problematic as the default view has ‘active projects only’ set. They go away if you unset and then reset it to active projects.

(Andy Lulham) #2

I think this is a data issue, not a devtracker issue.

Here’s the activity in question on d-portal:

It ended in 2016, but its activity status is “Implementation”.

I guess @r_clements or @rbesseling would know better than me, though.

(Matt Geddes) #3

thanks @andylolz - agreed, it is a data quality issue - presumably there is a rule (guidance) somewhere about not having an ‘actual end’ activity date (which these projects do) when the project is marked as in ‘implementation’ - maybe that is the tweak that would help devtracker too - although it is wierd that un-setting and re-setting the filter also solved it.