Budgets - status, sector & budget-line


Working between the budget elements of the organisation and activity standards, I found a couple of things I wanted to ask

1 - The budget-line element is only in the organisation standard (original proposal in 2.01). It’s therefore possible to only provide some degree of disaggregation of budgets, by a theme/subject, at the org level. This isn’t possible at the activity level.

Question - Is/was there a reason for this?

2 - The budget type is is only at the activity level, whereas budget status is available at both levels (discussion via 2.03).

Question - is/was there a reason for this?

3 - All budgets lack a general narrative element*. It could be useful for some publishers to provide some description for budgets, particularly if it further helps clarify the nature of budgets.

(* the org standard allows a budget at the budget-line element)

Another question - is/was there a reason for no description element within any budgets?

The above are not proposals, just observations, Any insights and background gratefully received

@stevieflow not to my knowledge/memory. On the first point, I think the question is also a little bit whether this would be useful data a) for other people to see and b) to standardise, when the data will probably normally be relevant to one organisation. The US does/did publish some of this data in a namespace / extension, but there didn’t really seem to be a need for others to be able to do this too.

Flagging for attention of @Michelle_IOM

Steve, thanks for pointing this out.

I follow your 1st and 2nd point but not the 3rd. If I’m understanding it you say there are no narrative or description sub-elements within the budgets elements.

IOM does provide total budget and total expenditure in our org file and we also provide continental and IOM-custom sector breakdowns of those numbers all of which tie to our audited financials. And we do have narrative descriptions in these figures which is why I’m not certain I understand. Are you possibly talking about the activity budget element only?