CAFDO 17-19 décembre 2019, Abidjan

(Yohanna Loucheur) #1

I just saw that the next CAFDO conference will take place in Abidjan Dec 17-19. CAFDO is the Conférence d’Afrique francophone des données ouvertes (Francophone African Open Data Conference); it’s based in Ouagadougou and funded by the Open Data for Development program (funded mostly by Canada and Hewlett). Those of you attending the recent Members’ Assembly are aware of some of the awesome work CAFDO is doing in the region. It should be an interesting event!
cc @Sohir

(Amy Silcock) #2

Would be interested to know who from the IATI community is planning on attending? Some of us are having a call with CAFDO later this week to discuss potential hackathon plans.

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