Can NGOs registered with outdated legal entity numbers?

(Daniel Mackenzie) #1

Hi all,

I was speaking with a colleague who is writing guidance for our downstream partners. He asked if an NGO with an old/outdated corporate identity could register on IATI? For example, in some countries NGOs may have been legally registered, but then the government got rid of the agency, or is forcing all companies and organisations to re-register.

More broadly, am I right in thinking that unless an org is legally registered, they cannot register with IATI?

An odd one, but would help to know if there’s any guidance we could offer partners who are interested in publishing IATI data.

Many thanks in advance for your help!


(Amy Silcock) #2

Hi Daniel,

We’ve come across a similar challenge with organisations who have to re-register every year, and therefore their identifier changes.

Where this has occurred recently we’ve allowed organisations to register using their registration ID at the time. And we’re not expecting them to update this annually in their IATI data.

@TimDavies and the org-id team would be good people to speak to.

(Daniel Mackenzie) #3

Hi Amy,

Thanks for the quick response, and clear answer.

This would suggest to me, that given special circumstances, orgs would be allowed to register with IATI if they had some kind of corporate identity. Even if the number or corporate registration body was out of date?

Any more insights would be greatly appreciated!