Capturing information on funder type

Hi all,

One of the things I/we at GHA would like to use IATI data for is to contribute to our analysis on the various types of humanitarian donors - i.e. governments, multilaterals, private (potentially further broken down by foundations, private companies/corporations and individual donors, for e.g.), and self-generated income (e.g. through charity shops). We can’t however use IATI for this as, at the moment, the only “organisation type” data available relates to the reporting organisation and not (necessarily) to the source of the funds. I appreciate that the number of different fields needs to be limited, but do others feel that a “donor type” marker would be valuable or not? While our interest here is on humanitarian funds, obviously this would also apply for all development funding, not just for humanitarian aid.



Organisation type data can be reported to the IATI Standard for all participating organisations:

A large number of publishers are reporting this data. The dashboard has a summary of the types different publishers are reporting at:
(Note that this list includes non-valid non-numeric values that aren’t on the codelist).