Changes to the Standard to fit Grand Bargain priorities

Hi all,

Are there plans to add tags to the IATI Standard to improve the usability for Grand Bargain members? For example, if Grand Bargain members have signed up to both increased transparency through IATI publishing and also increasing the use cash-based programming, would it be beneficial to have a tag that identified cash-based programmes?

I’m sure there are other ways the Standard could be tweaked to help track the GB priorities, but this one sprang to mind.



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Thanks for raising @DanielMackenzie and just to let you know that as part of the consultation process that DI (rather than IATI) is doing for the Grand Bargain transparency workstream we are looking to identify candidate enhancements to the IATI Standard in order to make it even more usable by the humanitarian community (publishers and data users). More information about this process is here

As a result we have already captured the requirement for being able to identify cash-based programming activities more easily and are will therefore be feeding this and potentially other humanitarian related proposals into the next Standard upgrade process.

However, we do still encourage members of the community to post any such suggestions to the IATI Standard ‘Modifications, Additions and Improvements’ category on Discuss so that they do not get missed.

NB I’ll also move this post into that category for now

Thanks @Wendy , that’s good to know. I have also heard people raise the utility of a ‘Localisation Marker’. I’m sure this has also been included in discussions.

I look forward to seeing this progress.