Classification of IATI publishers by Org Type

Having wandered to the Registry list of publishers ( I noticed that the “Organisation Type” field contains values that do not seem to reflect the organisation’s status.

This is particularly the case for “International NGO” assigned to many organisations that actually have a country prefix (and are therefore a national NGO, based either in a donor or a recipient country).

This made me wonder how the types are assigned? They don’t appear on the Registry publishers’ own page, so don’t seem to be self-selected.

@YohannaLoucheur Organisations self-select the Organisation type when they create an account on the IATI Registry (see an example screenshot below).

The full list on the Registry then takes the information from that field. As it is self-reported, it is up to the organisation to decide. However, I take your note that the Organisation Type is not visible at the moment on the individual publisher IATI Registry ‘About’ page.

Thank you for the clarification Petya

While we’re at it, we may want to align the list on the Registry with the revised Org Type codelist (, encourage all publishers (especially CSOs) to revise their org type, and provide a description for all org types in the codelist. This can only help both those coding org types and those using the data.

Thanks @YohannaLoucheur

We are migrating to the new supplier of the IATI Registry, Derlinx, next week and I would submit a request for the Org Type codelist to be updated following the migration.

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