Codelist location 404

We use the following location for codelist checks, but it seems that URI renders a 404:

Did this move and has 202 now been deprecated, codelist wise?

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This is just a bug. The relevant file is now (erroneously) located here:

I.e. the .xml file extension is missing.

I sent a fix for this last week:

@IATI-techteam it would be cool if someone could review and merge the fix (and then redeploy). Thanks!

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Thanks @andylolz we are working on better error messaging in OIPA, so this one was spotted :smile:

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Thank you for spotting the error @siemvaessen and @andylolz

We have approved and merged the pull request so the issue should now be fixed. Let me know if there is anything else, otherwise, I will close this topic.

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