Consultations on definitions of "local organizations"

(Yohanna Loucheur) #1

I came across info on consultations underway regarding the definitions of “local” organizations in this article:

“Consultations are under way on a relatively strict definition of what counts as local, one that excludes local affiliates of international NGOs (see box), and the findings of a survey conducted by aid consultancy Development Initiatives are due to be fed back to the Grand Bargain process before its annual meeting in June.”

Since these definitions will affect/change the “Organization Type” codelists (both DAC and IATI ones), I was wondering whether/how one can weigh in.

Anyone knows?

(Wendy Rogers) #2

Thanks for flagging @YohannaLoucheur and the proposals for V2.03 of the Standard do include adding two new organisation types that are intended to distinguish between affiliated country offices of INGOs and other ‘in country’ community organisations

However, do you or others think they need to go further?

Organisation type codes - additions (included 2.03)
(Yohanna Loucheur) #3

Thanks Wendy for responding and pointing out the V2.03 discussion.

Is the list of org types & associated definitions in the article accurate? If so, I would have concerns about them - especially about the distinction made between “national” and “local”. Where is the discussion about this list taking place, mostly?

I also share the concerns raised by OJ in the V2.03 discussion you linked to. I’m not entirely clear however how all this (the Grand Bargain-related discussion mentioned in the article and the V2.03 proposed changes) fits together.

(Ben Parker) #4

Dear Yohanna

The definitions as in the article are now before the Grand Bargain group for their meeting next Tuesday, and I think the localisation sub-group has more or less agreed them. There are some contentious issues as you would imagine, perhaps most touchy being organisations like World Vision India.