Correct Sector Vocabulary Codelist

(Yohanna Loucheur) #1
The Sector Vocabulary codelist contains this value: Humanitarian Global Clusters. This value only exists in the IATI universe. I found out because I was looking for a French translation, and could only find this specific phrase on the IATI site.

“Global cluster” seems to designate a sector for coordination purposes.

The url provided in the codelist rather leads to the HDX website; the words used there are “humanitarian cluster names and codes”, with the source being the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (rather than the Inter-Agency Standing Committee).

I would suggest to correct this entry in the codelist to reflect the codelist nature and owner more accurately.

(Andy Lulham) #2

@YohannaLoucheur in case it’s useful… Here’s where that vocabulary was suggested:

The URL was amended here: [Added] Amend URL Link For Humanitarian Clusters (Sector Vocab codelist)

(Petya Kangalova) #3

Thanks @YohannaLoucheur and @andylolz

@ximboden @David_Megginson Any suggestions on amending the name for the current vocabulary to correctly reflect the codes provided in the current url?

(David Megginson) #4

Yohanna and I have been having a parallel discussion on Twitter.

In French, I most-often see the term “cluster” used when referring to an IASC-constituted sectoral coordination group (vs just the abstract sector), but Yohanna has also found “groupe sectoriel” and considers it less grating to a francophone ear. :slight_smile:

I’m in touch with Andrej Verity at OCHA Digital Services right now about adding the French-language global cluster names into the master dataset for the codelist. Fingers crossed that we can have them included in a week or two. I’m not sure what the process is to get that copied over to the IATI Codelists site once it’s done.

For anyone interested, here’s the UN Interagency Standing Committee (IASC) guidance on clusters, explaining exactly what they’re supposed to do: