Corrections and ISO Updates to Non-Embedded Codelists

(Rory Scott) #1

This topic is a heads up that the there are 5 planned changes to non-embedded code lists which are planned to be taken forwards if no objection is received within 7 days. In summary these are:


  1. Correct the ‘2.01’ URL in the Version codelist.
  2. Remove duplicate entries from the File Format codelist.
  3. Insert a missing comma in the Region Codelist.

Further information on each of these changes is available here.


  1. Two currency name changes: Kuna & Romanian Leu
  2. Multiple country name changes (see link below for details)
  3. Effective date of Azerbaijanian Manat

Further information on each of these changes is available here

With best wishes,

(Steven Flower) #2

Hello, please can the changelog for the non-embedded codelists be updated with this and other changes:

(Rory Scott) #3

Hi Steven, thanks for pointing this out. This log should be up to date now.


(Steven Flower) #4

Great stuff, thanks @rory_scott

I noticed some of the labels for the links were not correct - have done a quick edit for you to check/merge:

(Rory Scott) #5

Hi Steven,

Thanks again for this - I’ve rolled out the changes to the live site. Please let me know if you see anything else!