CRS Channels of Delivery (included 2.03)

This proposal is part of the 2.03 upgrade process, please comment by replying below.


**Schema Object** iati-activity/participating-org

**Type of Change** Add attribute and codelist

**Issue** The IATI standard is meant to be fully compatible with OECD DAC CRS++ reporting directives. While the IATI OrganisationType codelist is similar to the generic CRS channel codes they are not the same and it is therefore not possible to derive CRS++ from IATI data.


  • Add attribute participating-org/@crs-channel-code
    • Occurrence: min = 0; max = 1
    • Definition: Under CRS++ Reporting Directives this code identifies the implementing agency. Codes ending in ‘00’ are generic and are similar to the [OrganisationType]( code.
    • Rule: Must contain a valid value from the CRSChannelCode codelist.
  • Add a non-embedded codelist : CRSChannelCode
    • Values are from latest published DAC and CRS code lists published [here](
**Standards Day** An option to harmonise DAC Channels and IATI Organisation types was rejected. The above proposal was accepted subject to further consultation.


The attribute discussed in this topic has been included for consideration in the formal 2.03 proposal. The CRSChannelCode codelist already exists and does not need adding.

That’s true… But note this discussion on adding the CRSChannelCode-category codelist. I wonder if it would constitute scope creep to include that here?

There is no problem for us to add the category as metadata. The AidType Category codelist, for example, “exists to group the Aid Type codelist into categories. It is not used as a codelist in its own right.”

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Yeah, exactly – AidType Category was the example I highlighted here.

Okay, ace – let’s do that :slight_smile:

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This proposal has been been included in the 2.03 upgrade. It can be viewed in the following two Discuss posts: