CRS in IATI format for 2016/2017

(Matt Geddes) #1


As far as I can tell, these ‘CRS data in IATI format’ files are not published on the registry - is that the case?

And if not - any idea who to lobby?



(Bill Anderson) #2

I’m not sure what the official OECD DAC position is, but I remember when this data was first prepared that there were DAC members - who were producing good IATI data - who were concerned that, for them, this duplicate, aggregated, untimely data would mislead users.

IMHO we are still missing a trick to somehow identify, through secondary publishers (Foundation Center, InterAction, FTS, CRS) primary data not otherwise published to IATI.

A ‘unique secondary published’ bot???

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(Matt Geddes) #3

This would be a cool thing…adding it to the list!

(Herman van Loon) #4

Great that this data is NOT published as IATI data, since it would indeed lead to double counting and confusion. Couldn’t primary data otherwise not published to IATI, be published as regular IATI data, provided that a full transaction history would be published (and not only flows for one or two years)?

Shouldn’t the IATI registry only contain primary data? All other (derived, aggregated and/or enriched) data are basically IMHO use-case dependant and can be seen more as information and not as atomic data. Since IATI is a data standard and not an information standard, shouldn’t we avoid calling this secondary information IATI data?