Current Discussion: Diverted / repurposed funding due to COVID-19

A number of funds and activities are being turned fully or partially into COVID-19 activities. How should these changes be reflected in IATI data? How should activities and transactions be identified? Activities could be split into COVID-19 and non COVID-19 components.

This could look like:

  • Cancelling existing activities and creating two new ones. Helps to easily identify COVID-19 activities

  • Showing a removal of funds from existing activities and setting up a new COVID-19 one

  • Keeping the one activity but adding new classifications to show the percentage split between COVID-19 and non COVID-19

Options depend on how an organisation’s business models and internal systems work. But to track the redirection in funding options include:

  • Adding ‘redirected’ into activity titles and descriptions.

  • Using the sector element to show percentage splits.

  • Using outgoing and incoming funds, with a COVID-19 description to show the redirection of funds.

For previous discussions, please see the following posts from @Melinda here and @Anna.Pe here.

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