D-portal broken

(Aria Grabowski) #1

Hi all,

When I use d-portal to search for projects for using a keyword search, a sector group, and a publishers the search tells me there are multiple activities but then when I click explore results there are 0 projects.

I have encountered this issue a week ago for World Bank and today for USAID, so I just checked and SIDA, DFID, and Global Affairs Canada have this issue too, so I’m guessing it is a system wide glitch. This is a pretty big obstacle for use and trying to find a certain kind of project, and personally will be a big hindrance to data use work I am doing.

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(Kate) #2

Hi Aria, can you post this on github so Kris and Shi can take a look? I could post this for you, but Shi might need to ask you some questions to fully understand the bug so it would be great if you would be happy to post it there :slight_smile:
Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

(Aria Grabowski) #3

Can you just send me the github link, I couldn’t find it…

(Steven Flower) #4

HI @ariag

I’m not exactly sure what the issue is

I just did a search with a a keyword, publisher and sector category, as you describe:

When I tap the Explore Results button,I got to this page:

Is this what you do, but get no results (when you click through)?

For info: d-portal github is here

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(Aria Grabowski) #5

I talked with my team member doing the detailed work on this, and he highlighted that its only when multiple sector groups are pulled, which explains why you got results still Steven. Also downgrades the severity of the issue, but still a relatively big deal. I apparently always use multiple sector groups. As there are multiple ones for broad categories like energy or health.

(Steven Flower) #6

hmm thanks @ariag - interesting

I tried multiples of the sectors, countries and publishers:

But - the Explore Results does still work…!

(Andy Lulham) #7

I wasn’t able to recreate the issue, either. @ariag did you post this onto the d-portal issue tracker? I wasn’t able to find a corresponding issue there.

If you do post it, I’m sure the developers would appreciate some sample steps to recreate the problem.

I wonder if this discuss post could also be renamed, since “D-portal broken” is a bit disconcerting!