D-portal: Reaching over 1 million activities and CSV map download

(Kate) #1

Hi All,

d-portal has reach over 1 million activities and have added a new feature.
Now you have the ability to download csv data with coordinates which is super useful. For more details check out this blog: http://d-portal.org/news/index.html

There is also another post on the server upgrade and other updates.

Let us know how you are using the coordinates data!


(Yohanna Loucheur) #2

Kate (or anoyne from the tech team), could you clarify what this means? “This new feature can be found on the map views of individual portals.”

I don’t understand what “individual portals” are in this context.


(shi) #3

In this context - ‘individual portals’ mean the individual country / publisher profiles.

For example:
On http://d-portal.org/ctrack.html?search&publisher=CA-3#view=main you scroll down to the map view and click on the ‘View all’ link.

Should probably do a screenshot and add it to the blog post - maybe reword it too?


Have reworded and added more screenshots - hope this reads better. Thanks, Yohanna.