Data use observation: people go to the documents

(Steven Flower) #21

Im not sure I fully understand from the examples cited (d-portal | open Sida) - but look forward to the new thread!

(Yohanna Loucheur) #22

Slightly edited my previous message, hoping it’s a bit clearer why I posted the SIDA example.

In terms of the 3 portals showing different things, it’s totally normal - they are different projects, one isn’t “more true” than the other. But each is missing some useful data, so that’s interesting to compare and contrast. They also present the information in very different ways - again interesting to compare, especially for those of us trying to improve presentation tools. Would be great to have user feedback (hence the thread, hopefully later today).

(Steven Flower) #23

Thanks @YohannaLoucheur

Yes, interesting how different portals use the data. I think that could be a whole new Data Use Observation thread - agree? Could include screenshots too!

(Yohanna Loucheur) #24

Indeed: Data on pooled funding - a case study