Datastore down (14th April)? Now up again, now down again

(Matt Geddes) #1

Hi, I am getting errors with the datastore today (serves me right for using it on Sunday!) - will check again tomorrow and report back!

Or is my url malformed in some way?

(Matt Geddes) #2

Now up again :slight_smile:

Title edited!

Hat-tip @andylolz

(Matt Geddes) #3

Down again at 12:26 CET today - any idea what is happening @IATI-techteam?

(Mark Brough) #4

@IATI-techteam It’s also down for me (currently trying to use the data in Liberia) – would be great if someone can switch it off/on or whatever needs doing, please!

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(Matt Geddes) #5

In case helpful at a later date: Registry and DDoS attacks, a follow up