Datastore & Query Builder: Project Update

Earlier this year, in August and October respectively, the IATI Technical Team and Zimmerman & Zimmerman released the new IATI Datastore and Query Builder for testing.

We would like to thank members of the IATI community who engaged in testing both the API and Query Builder. Your feedback has proved invaluable in discovering bugs and raising potential improvements for the products.

A number of bug fixes and functionality improvements have already been implemented based on the public feedback, including:

  • Ensuring that the default XML output from the Activity endpoint complies with the IATI Standard Schema (#1638)
  • Transactions and Results have been added to the Activities endpoint output (#1628, #1677)
  • Allow for full, unpaginated results via the Solr function (#1520)
  • Moving documentation to internal server to streamline loading (#1676)
  • Flatten CSV output so that there so only data is returned (no JSON within cells) (#1817)
  • Ensure that “0.00” values in published data are not replaced by “ ” in DS results (#1707)

For a full list of issues that have been raised, please see the GitHub project board.

What’s next?

The project team are now evaluating which outstanding bug fixes and functionality enhancements are required to be implemented before the product can be fully launched.

Once work on these items has been completed, a launch date will be set. The following requirements are included:

  • Ensure that parameter names are consistent with their corresponding IATI Standard element (#1643)
  • Ensure that equivalent data is simultaneously available between the standard API and Solr functions (#1841)
  • Ensure that data is parsed successfully when a vocabulary is not present, in instances where a vocabulary is assumed if not provided (#1713)
  • Implement redirects from queries to ‘old’ DS to equivalent queries on the new DS (#1962)

We continue to welcome further input on the project at this time, as there are also a number of backlogged items that the team will work on beyond the date of the official launch.

Old Datastore API and Query Builder

As has been previously mentioned , the ‘old’ Datastore API and Query Builder will be phased out six months after the full launch of the new Datastore API and Query Builder. We do not recommend that users migrate any tools which currently utilise the old Datastore until the new Datastore has been officially launched.

Please continue to check IATI Discuss for future updates in regard to a date for the official, full launch of the new IATI Datastore.