Double counting - general guidance

This proposal is part of the 2.03 upgrade process, please comment by replying below.


**Schema Object** None

**Type of Change** Addition of guidance

**Issue** Publishers and users require clearer guidance on how to avoid double counting when adding up financials.

**Proposal** Add a section on double counting to the standard guidance on [Establishing Publishing Policies](

**Standards Day** As double counting cannot be avoided in the IATI standard, the proposals for better guidance on the topic was welcomed by everyone. Following explanation of what is considered as double counting in IATI terms, it was suggested that the definition of double counting is made clearer and that the guidance is closely linked with hierarchy and traceability guidelines.


What will be the content? There is quite some discussion in the Double Counting paper, so does that need to be sorted out before 2.03 introduction or can this text be added in a later stage?