East-African IATI Resource Centre?

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Our local partners implementing the projects that we publish through IATI rarely have the capacity to publish their part of the financial chain. It seems to me that this is a general challenge whereby the financial transactions can rarely be tracked to the end receiver. In Caritas Denmark we are considering how to deal with this challenge. Can anyone recommend a good solution to this? Could it be an idea to establish some sort of local resource centre where private market actors could be trained in IATI usage and use that expertise to start up small local businesses advising local NGOs on how to publish their data? A place to pilot such idea could be East-Africa where there must be a market for this.

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Hello, this is a good point. We’ve been trying different ways to support in-country organisations - the latest is a lowcost, online, self-study course that people can do on their computers or mobile devices. We’re (Bond and Humentum) piloting the first one next week, and have participants from as far away as Laos and East Timor, as well as three from Kenya. I’d be really interested to know whether this would be useful to you.

We’re (Bond) also just about to launch a new programme looking at how organisations learn about IATI in-country and how IATI adds to (or detracts from) their own transparency and accountability efforts. As part of this we’ll be researching and trialing with partners different ways of working with organisations, and looking to see how we can leverage existing in-country networks and specialist knowledge already in these organisations to support them to use IATI. It’d be great to talk to you more about this.

A group of UK organisations have been working on different tools and approaches, one of the things is a decision tree tool to help determine, together with the partner, whether it’s feasible for a them to publish data using IATI.

Thanks, Sarah

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Dear Sarah,

Thank you for your reply!

I would very much appreciate a talk about this to learn more about bond’s experience and on ongoing initiatives on this issue. It might even be that we could collaborate on this pilot that we are considering.

Where are you physically based? Are you in London? I am in Copenhagen, but could easily travel to London for a meeting. My summer leave is starting next Friday though. Would it be possible to meet before then?

Best regards,
Maj Forum, Caritas Denmark