Element in org file for (optionally) including 98/99 codelists

Stimulated by the discussions on using 99 vocabs for COVID…when publishers use a 98/99 vocab:

  1. If that codelist is not published in IATI xml format it is very difficult for data users to understand the data as they then have to digest pdfs etc - and this is near impossible for ‘systems’ who cannot parse this data automatically
  2. Some publishers may not be setup for hosting the various 99 codelists, or they go missing because the the hosting is not linked to the IATI data that uses it

Therefore, I am wondering if it would be an option to have an element that allows publishers to host 99 vocabs in their org file - that way they are published via the same method as IATI data, and they are available via the normal APIs (and machine readable)