Emergency Attention need for best advice

Dear All dream presenter,
I’m Arif From Bangladesh. Volunteer of Bangladesh Awami Volunteer League (Organ of Bangladesh Awami League) and UN. I’m so much optimistic to develop my career and my country development. To learn and shine up knowledge I’m attending workshop, seminar and training program.
Very recently I got a chance to attend workshop (14Dec - 16Dec 2017) arrange by European Commission Joint Research Center, Ispra, Italy.
My Organization and friends sponsored airticket, and browse to get information of Italy Visa in their website, I’m so afraid about to get the Visa to enter Italy specially about visa application and approval duration.
Only 3days left to my flight what should I do? Is there anyone who can help by advice or suggestions?

Best Regards and Thank you so much

Kindly visit the nearest consular or embassy near you for speedy advice. I really wish you a positive response

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